Decking The Halls With King Of Christmas

We moved into this home back in March, so this year is an entirely new challenge for me when it comes to decorating for the holidays. On top of it being a new home, my style has seemed to evolve this year. In our last home, I would say my style was much more "farmhouse-y" with a touch of french country. In this home I really wanted to explore decorating with a more elegant french rustic flare. And that set the theme for this year's holiday decor. Elegant with touches of rustic. I set out to use warm luxe textures such as faux fur and velvet, along with mixed metals and rustic elements.

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with King Of Christmas

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with King of Christmas and to feature one of their gorgeous artificial trees in our home. We have always been real tree people, each year I look forward to that fresh tree smell and the tradition of picking the perfect tree, but I don't look forward to the fact that having a real tree is limiting on how long you get to enjoy it for, and not to mention the mess they leave behind. Year after year we drop nearly $100-$150+ on a tree, just for it to die in less than 3 weeks. Being a blogger, or just the fact that I am a mom and have a million and one things going on in November & December, I enjoy being able to decorate the tree in early-mid November and enjoy it for longer than just 4 short weeks.

King Of Christmas has a huge variety to select from, they have trees to fit every budget!
The tree that I selected is the 7 Foot Unlit Cypress Spruce
I selected unlit, mainly thinking that I already knew how I liked having my lights strung and woven inside and outside of the branches to really make it sparkle! But... I have to admit, I really wish I had chosen their pre-lit version after seeing the rave reviews on their lit trees. Maybe next time?

Overall, this is such an amazing tree. Like I stated above, I am a real tree girl, but this tree is real in all the right ways when it comes to looks, and without the mess. The detail on the branches is done to perfection. I have had to stop many visitors who have entered our home this holiday season and stop them to tell them it's fake! They have to touch it to believe it!

While I may sound like I am ranting and raving about this tree, I assure you that I am a picky one when it comes to artificial greenery. I only share with any of you, products that I fully love and would purchase myself. While blogging may be my job, it is also my job to bring you the real facts and only back items that I trust in myself.

Let's move onto the rest of the decor...

I really wanted to make the tree and the mantle, the focal point this year, so by placing the sofa at an angle, it faced the mantle straight on and framed the tree perfectly. When changing up your furniture layout to accommodate a tree, keep leading lines in mind, which means: what draws your eye to the tree?

Keeping with the luxurious winter vibes, I made sure to add rich furs and velvets throughout the room. From the ribbons tucked into the tree, the faux fur tree skirt, to the velvet and faux fur pillows and throws. Everywhere you look, the coloring and textures are consistent. Of course it's Christmas so you always have to have a bit of sparkle, so I finished off the design with lots of sparkly ornaments, picks in the tree, and champagne colored elements.

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