A Winter Wonderland Nursery

As a child, my mother decorated each room in our home, including our bedrooms complete with our own personal trees. One of my favorite memories that I looked forward to every year was getting to decorate my very own tree and loved falling asleep to the warm soft lights each night. While the rest of our home looked beautiful and festive, my bedroom was my very own little Christmas wonderland! Now that I have my own children, I want to give each one of them those same memories and a little piece of Christmas in their own spaces.

I knew that at least for now, I didn't want to place an actual tree in Emmalyn's room since she is a toddler and is prone to touching anything and everything that glitters and sparkles, so I set out to add winter touches in various spaces of her room instead.

The result is a soft and sweet winter wonderland nursery that coordinates with the neutral tones in her decor. Below I have linked sources, or similar items that I have used in her nursery.

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One of the most frequently asked questions that I receieve is where we purchased the crib?
Here is the direct link to her exact crib from RH Baby & Child
While the price tag can be a shocker, here is how I was able to get this crib for only $399!
1. I waited until they held their yearly sale (usuially around black friday).
2. I knew that this was the crib of my dreams so I stalked it for months... I noticed that there was a distressed cream colored option on clearance, I hopped on and purchased that during their yearly sale. 3. I then had a coupon code that you could use on top of the sale price.
4. Plus a $50 gift card from our baby shower.
5. RH has member rewards program that is totally worth it to save even more
Therefore bringing my dream crib down to a price that I could afford!

We are far from financially well off, most months we barely pay the bills and buy food to eat, so when it comes to decor and the "extras", I have to be very creative with the money we spend. We don't use credit cards, if we can't afford to buy it with cash, we don't get it.

I say this because I get so many of you asking about her nursery and dreaming of affording the items I have used. I am not an affiliate or partner with Restoration Hardware, nor have I ever been sponsored by them. I am just a customer like anyone else, and if it weren't for their sales and buying creatively, I wouldn't be able to afford it either!

If you are on a time crunch and cannot wait for a sale to roll around, I have linked a handful of my favorite similar cribs at a lower price:


As for the other items in her nursery, I found the majority of it at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas department. All of the ornaments are unbreakable! The cute little signs are from one of my favorite makers, Nicole, at Grace Filled Farmhouse. The crib sheet is from the Garden Floral Collection apart of the Monique Lhuillier Collection with Pottery Barn Kids but unfortunately that style is no longer available in a crib sheet, only the crib bumper. Crib bumper (not shown) and skirt are apart of the Washed Velvet Ruffled Bedding Collection from RH Baby & Child and is ON CLEARANCE so run and grab it while you can! The curtains are also from the same line but unfortunately only come in pink now, I will link them HERE if interested. The glider was also one of those big ticket items, but was able to get it at a great price during one of their sales. Tiered tray is from Painted Fox Home. The dresser and armoire were both craigslist finds that I refinished and the mirror is a family heirloom that is over 100 years old, but will link similar items that I love below. 


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  3. Creating a winter wonderland nursery is a magical way to welcome a new arrival. From soft snowflake mobiles to cozy fur rugs, every detail can add warmth and charm to the room. Just like finding the right ebook writing services can bring your ideas to life, designing a winter-themed nursery can create a beautiful and serene space for your little one.

  4. Creating a winter wonderland nursery for my child brings back fond memories of my own childhood, where decorating my own tree was a cherished tradition. Although I couldn't place an actual tree in Emmalyn's room due to her toddler curiosity, I added soft winter touches to maintain the festive spirit. Much like finding creative ways to decorate on a budget, a venture capitalist in Pakistan must also navigate financial constraints to achieve their goals.

  5. Creating a winter wonderland nursery for Emmalyn has been a labor of love, reminiscent of the magical Christmases I cherished as a child. Despite financial constraints, I've crafted a cozy and festive space using savvy shopping tactics, much like presenting a winning pitch on 'Sharktank'. By waiting for sales, utilizing coupons, and maximizing rewards programs, I transformed her room into a dreamy haven without breaking the bank. It's about making every dollar count and creating lasting memories for our little ones. How do you infuse holiday magic into your children's spaces?


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