DIY Office Organization

Have you ever wondered what you could do with all of those baby formula cans?

With just a formula can and some twine, you can make beautiful office organization for all of your pens, pencils, or for whatever you please!

Rustic, Charming and Beautiful!

End Table Re-do

Remember this end table???
((My $15 find from Craigslist))

Well, it now is this...

My intention was to sell it, but in the process my Husband fell in love... and let's just say my Husband is not one to have much an opinion on our home decor. He just leaves that to me. After showing him the piece all finished he said to me "you're NOT selling that, RIGHT??" & who am I to turn his desires down ;)

So this little distressed beauty now has found a place in our home, 
right in between our sofa and winged armchair

Do you like the color?? Well, check back soon for a coffee table re-do to match!
(& this one I can promise will be up for adoption!)

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Many of you may have noticed the new trend lately of 
{Monthly Subscription Boxes }
& if you haven't... well, I am about to open your mind 
to a whole new way of shopping and trying out new products!

There are MANY monthly subscription boxes to choose from. They come in all different shapes, sizes, prices & products. There are many out there for beauty, food, organic products & more

This whole monthly subscription box craze is the *new age*
Wine of the Month Club kind of deal

Personally I love the idea.
Especially being a first time Mom

One of the leading companies in the monthly subscription box industry is
Citrus Lane

Their company was one of the first ones that I discovered and loved that fact that I could try out new products, that would be delivered directly to my door and for one low monthly fee. I didn't have to commit to buying and testing products for my baby that 'might' work out, instead I knew that each item in the box was hand picked and tested by a team of mothers and parents who trusted in the brands that they curated. After signing up & receiving our first box, it was a huge hit with our baby girl (even if she was only 5 months old...) The 100% organic baby products & toys that were in the box, my baby girl absolutely loved! Now, we have been receiving the box for almost 6 months and each time I get that little brown & yellow box in the mail, it is like Christmas all over again! My daughter (now 10 months) even likes getting in on the action of opening the box with me and seeing what new toy is inside. Did I mention that not only do they have products for your baby, but for you as a Mommy too? Oh, AND exclusive coupons/ discount codes! You are getting so much more than what you pay for the box itself each month!

Ok, and just so y'all know... I am NOT getting paid for this review what-so-ever.
Nope, I just truly and honestly love their product!

With that all being said, I did a little searching around the Internet and found many more companies who have jumped on the monthly subscription bandwagon and decided to share with you all a few of my favorites that I have found & maybe even hope to try out for myself

As I stated above, there are various product categories to choose from.
But since I am a Mom, I want to stick to sharing only the baby/ children's product boxes (for now)

Wittlebee is a subscription-based clothing club for kids. Their aim is to keep parents well stocked with children’s clothes by delivering a box of new items to their doorstep every month. Members receive personalized packages based on their child's age, color preferences, geographic location and more! $39.99 per month

Each month's Wonder Box is different,  in every Wonder Box, you'll get instructions and all the supplies you need to do three fun projects, hand-picked by's experts to help your child explore that month's theme. Geared for ages 3 to 6 years old. $19.99 per mo.

Each quarter you will receive a Special Delivery thoughtfully curated by experts to meet your Little Pnuts age and development stages. Each Special Delivery will feature 3-5 Organic, Eco-Friendly, Natural or sustainably made toys. $25.00 monthly

When you subscribe to TeetheMe, you will receive a monthly box of 4 to 5 products for your child aged newborn to 3 years old. (currently a wait list for new subscribers)

Monthly subscription box full of trusted baby products that have been hand picked by moms and dads. For infants & children of all ages. $14.95 per month

BabbaBox is a monthly subscription box that is delivered to your home with ALL the physical materials plus know-how content to really engage with your kids. For ages 3-6 years old. $39.99 per month

This has to be one of my favorites! Each monthly box is full of items that are geared to engage and interest your child to use their creativity and imagination. Each item is hand picked and designed by parents, reviewed by experts and tested by kids. My favorite part about this monthly box? You can add on materials for a 2nd child/ sibling for just a small extra fee. No need to order 2 boxes! For ages 3-7 years old. $19.99 per month

I am excited to try some of these boxes out as our daughter grows. I think it is a great way to make our children feel special, it is a monthly surprise just for THEM :)

While doing my searching for children's boxes, I came across these that I absolutely fell in love with & that are just for us grown-ups!

For Us ONLY:

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am an Etsy addict and lover of all things handmade. Any chance that I get, I support and buy from handmade businesses first. When I came across this company, it was as if they read my mind! Each monthly box is full of hand picked, handmade items, and in each box, they include a little background story about each handmade artist that they feature. $25 per month.

& here is another one of my favorites! When I found out that there was a monthly craft subscription box, I about died! I am so extremely excited to order one! Each month they send you a handful of craft products and a project tutorial. For $15 per month, this is an awesome deal! Also, online they have a community where you can share pictures of the creations that you make. How cool is that?! Plus, did I mention that they package each box in these super cute white boxes with silver label tag holders? You can keep the boxes & can organize all of your craft products!

I am a new lover of the monthly subscription boxes & think they are a great idea for keeping life interesting. It's just one more way to pamper yourself with a surprise for not a lot of money.

Have any of you tried these monthly boxes? If so, which ones are your favorites?!

Give Thanks - Free Printables

It's that time of year, that we come together & give thanks 
for all that we have, 
who we love, 
for the life we live... 
& for FREE Printables!

In our home, we make sure to praise how blessed we are every single night of the year, but in November I especially love to have reminders around my home to "give thanks", adding a little festive touch to our home decor.

So enjoy these free printables as my THANKS to you!

& more... FREE printable Thanksgiving tags!

Easy Chalkboard Lettering

I am no expert at this whole chalkboard lettering thing... so I came up with an easy way that anyone (even if you have the worst handwriting in the world) can create perfect letting on their chalkboards! Just type up the wording and font that you want, in a word document

After you print them out, rub over the back of the wording with white chalk

Lay out the words on the chalkboard as desired. Then, with the end of a paintbrush or pen, rub over the lettering so that the chalk transfers.

After that is done, go over the lettering and fill any spaces missed with chalk

Wipe away the excess and you're done! I mean seriously, ANYONE can do this!

Now... get to chalking ;)

DIY Autumn Sign

Last week, when beginning my Fall decor planning on Pinterest, I came across this amazing DIY Fall sign tutorial from Kristen at Ella Claire. I knew immediately that I HAD to make one for my own home!

For the tutorial & a FREE printable template for this project from Ella Claire, click [HERE]

I followed her steps, but decided to use my own fonts, which I created in a word document and then printed the letters to the size that I desired, then traced over them to create my painting template

I found a plain wood board at Lowes. They have many different sizes already cut and available for purchase, so no need for measuring and cutting! The one I purchased is 24" x 24"

Everything for this project (paint included) cost me less than $6!

Favorite Finds Friday

I hope that you all had a wonderful Halloween!

Our little Maddie Grace celebrated her 1st Halloween & loved trick-or-treating in her big bow and tutu!  

We also enjoyed a small intimate family dinner before all of the candy chaos!

Being that this week has been crazy full of just about everything possible, my blogging has been put on the back burner... But I am back to share with you my favorite finds of the week & soon many will be available for sale! 

I have been working hard on my line of vintage finds and furniture-redo's called Blue Barn Interiors. I have now opened an Etsy Shop where you can find select items that I have featured on my blog that are now available for purchase, along with my vintage finds! Visit the Blue Barn Interiors Faceboook Page or Blog to find my newest furniture re-do's that will be available for purchase as well (on a first come, first serve basis) For now, here are some of the finds from this week that are soon to be painted and will be ready to find good homes!

Thanks for stopping by & keep checking back for some Thanksgiving DIY projects that are soon to come!
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