Spray Painted Dollhouse Transformation

Do you have any toys laying around the house? Who am I kidding, if you are a mom, of course you have toys laying around your house... all. the. time. But I'm talking about those big toys, the ones that don't fit in the closets and have to stay out and be apart of your decor?

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I will be the first to admit, I am a toy snob. If it doesn't fit with my decor, I don't buy it OR I make sure I can hide it away! Well, I walked into TARGET the other day and holy clearance! Nearly every toy was on sale! Of course my kids wanted everything they could get their hands on... but after wrangling them back in, we decided on a toy that could be shared.
This LittleTikes Dollhouse was on clearance from $54 down to $17.84!
Do you remember the original one from the 80's/90's? I remember it being on my "Santa List", waking up Christmas morning to discover it under the tree and my little heart bursting with joy.
I love that Little Tikes and Fisher Price have been bringing back all of our childhood favorites.

Obviously I snatched up this good sale, but the colors on the other hand were not what I had in mind for a dollhouse that was going to sit out and be apart of my daughter's nursery decor. Spray paint to the rescue! While I totally recommend this for aesthetic purposes, I wouldn't suggest spray painting your children's toys if they have a tendency to put them in their mouth. Luckily for us, we are past that phase and my youngest has never had the tendency to do so.

Let's start with what I used:

My all time favorite brand of spray paint is
I normally purchase all of my Rust-Oleum products at Home Depot, but this time ordered them straight off of Amazon. Below I have linked the colors I used for this project.

RUST-OLEUM - Fossil / Satin
RUST-OLEUM - Sweet Pea / Satin

The best and easiest way to spray paint any toy is do do it before assembly or to take it completely apart. Start by taping off the areas that you do not want painted, using painter's tape. Then separate your pieces by color you desire to paint them. Do and even 3 coats on each.

Once dry, assemble back together and you will have a completely transformed play addition to your home that fits with your decor!

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