The California Coastal Casa

We have now lived in our “California Coastal Casa” rental for over a year... And my how this year has flown! If you are a long time follower, the journey to this home began back in August 2018 when we made the big announcement we were moving back to California after living in Georgia for 5 years. It was a very big and scary discussion to make, but we felt being back near family was the best for our little family. Here we are, over a year later, and I can say the journey has been rough but so very worth it! Money has been tight, as when we first moved here my husband was literally jobless. I can happily say that with a lot of faith and hard work, that status has changed... but man, we never expected it so hard for a 10 year veteran to find a job. (More on that later...)

As for our rental, we’ve been able to make it “home”. We knew this home would be a temporary one and would be tight quarters. But it has been the best little starter home for us just getting settled back into California again and is just minutes away from family. We’ve added our own touch to the house to make it our own, so let’s take a tour shall we?!

First stop is the living room: I wanted this space to feel calm and inviting yet kept minimal. Our sofa is the Farlov from IKEA and while many may shy away from a white sofa with kids, it is my choice because of how easy it is to keep clean! Yes, you heard that right! I throw the slipcovers in the wash about once a month and it all comes out looking brand new! We are t careful with it either.. little dirty footprints and all come right out.

The girls room: Unfortunately we had to downsize and the girls now are sharing a room, but they have loved it, and I sure had fun designing it! I wanted a room that would work well for both of them and easy to keep clean. The bunk system we found secondhand and scored a major deal on. It was originally from Pottery Barn Kids and was a navy blue. We broke out the paint sprayer and gave it some love and cannot believe the transformation!

Last on the tour for today is the playroom: The layout of this home is a little funky with it being a townhome, and this room is the only one on the first floor (of 3 floors). We really didn’t want either of the kiddos sleeping down there, but this space was perfect for a playroom. Keeping with the coastal theme of the rest of the house, I created a space that was inviting but also organized.

I hope you enjoyed this little mini tour! Just keep in mind, if you are renting, your home can still be made your own! Embrace design challenges you can’t change but be creative in how to make it fit your life and style.

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