Colorful Bohemian Girls Bedroom

While we have changed up my daughter's room more than a few times, this design was still one of my most challenging and completely outside of my decor comfort zone, but I adore how it turned out. Since this room makeover, we have redone her room yet again (per her request for a new bed) but at the time, this room design totally fit my daughter's personality. The one single thing that I love most about creating kid spaces is tailoring the design to fit them and their unique personality. My daughter has always been a free spirit, loves color and is my little boho tom-boy.

 While the average parent may not change their child's room as often as I do (designer problems are real folks) I love designing unique spaces for kid's that will last far beyond a specific phase and will easily transition as they do by adding small personal elements into the overall room design as their interests change.

My daughter is a lover of the show Nashville and loves Lennon (Maddie) & Maisy (Daphne) Stella on the show. As soon as they announced their collaboration with PB Teen, I knew that the line would fit my daughter's free spirited personality perfectly. The starting off point for this entire room design was the tassel accent pillow. The second I saw it, I fell in love. I wanted the room to have a bohemian flair, but still have a classic children's room look to it.

I wanted it to be cozy, and with any bohemian design, adding pattern, texture and layers is the way to do it. Pick colors that compliment each other. You can mix many different patterns and textures as long as they are in the same color family and tone. For her room, the blues and purples lean towards a cooler tonal palette. This really goes for oranges/ reds/ yellows, greens/ blues, or all neutrals. If you stick to the same tones, anything will go. The more layers and pattern, the better, when it comes to bohemian design.

This peacock chair was a $10 Facebook marketplace score! I have always wanted one, but with the style of the rest of my home, it would have stuck out like a sore thumb! Thankfully I have a daughter that is the polar opposite of me and her style has allowed the designer in me to design the boho room of her dreams. While it may not look comfortable for an adult, it is the perfect little reading corner for a 5 year old. Check your local resale pages often because I see these for sale all of the time for much less than if you were to buy one new like THIS ONE.

The embroidery hoop wreaths are probably my favorite thing in her room and cost less than $20 to make all 5 of them! Below I have added the tutorial and everything you will need.

Another tip when it comes to designing a bohemian bedroom, think about unique rug placement. Either place a rug at an angle or layer rugs for more a cozy feel. I bought THIS RUG in a 5x7 from Target on clearance for just $89! I notice that this rug goes on sale quite often so keep an eye out for a great deal rather than pay full price.


Side Table: (similar) WORLD MARKET
Ottoman: (similar) AMAZON
Bed Skirt: PB TEEN
(matching euro + standard sham not available)
Patterned Quilt: PB TEEN (CLEARANCE)
(matching euro sham not available)
White Quilt: (similar) AMAZON
Blue Shag Pillow: SIMILAR OPTION
Blue + Purple Pom Pillow: SIMILAR OPTION
Blue + Purple Tassel Pillow: SIMILAR OPTION
Floral Stems: MAGNOLIA
Chair: (similar) AMAZON

Below I have linked everything for you to easily shop.
Since most of this bedding is no longer available, I have linked other affordable options in the same colors that would create the same overall feel.




Want to create a large wall statement for under $20? Keep reading along...


 1. Two spools of yarn of your choice
2. Velvet ribbon
3. Hot glue gun + glue sticks
4. Four embroidery hoops (one extra large, one large, one medium and one small)

Before you begin, take apart each hoop so that you have 2 pieces each. For my wall, I used one of the extra large hoops, both pieces of the large hoop (separated), both pieces of the medium hoop (separated), and one of the small hoops.

You will start off by cutting the yarn into the desired length that you are wanting. For mine, I did 1 yard each. Keep in mind that you will be placing the yarn pieces onto your hoops at the center point of each yarn piece, so fold a yarn in half and hold it up to to the base of your hoop before cutting to make sure that you like the length. These cuts do not have to be accurate, as you can always trim up the ends later or leave them for a more relaxed boho look.

Cut, cut and cut until you have cut your entire spool of yarn.

Then take one yarn piece and fold it in half.
Place it on the bottom end of your hoop coming from the back side of it.

You will then bring the loop part over the wood towards you,
and place the 2 loose ends through the hoop, pushing the loop part away from you
and bringing the 2 loose ends towards you.

It should then look like this.

Then pull the 2 loose ends upwards to tighten the loop.

And finally bring it back down to tighten in place. Slide your finished yarn piece over and continue to add more switching from left to right each time until you have the desired amount of yarn on your hoop.

Lastly, hot glue greenery onto the top of your hoops and hot glue the velvet ribbon over the greenery and hoop. Hang your ribbons at your desired heights on your wall and hang using a nail, then cut off excess ribbon length to be flush with the ceiling.

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