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If you follow along with my Instagram, you know that last month we had to evacuate due to hurricane Irma. Unfortunately, my husband had to stay behind to work for the police department, so the girls and I loaded up and headed to South Carolina to stay with family. While there, what better thing to do when you don't know if you will have a home to go back to other than go antique shopping? Yes, I know, I am probably the only woman on this planet that would plan to buy things for her home while evacuated, but seriously, South Carolina has some of THE BEST antique shops and markets! I have been wanting a tobacco basket for a long time, but never found one anywhere near my price range. Yes, I know they are worth every penny, but this lady just doesn't have a lot of pennies to spend. When I came across this one, rough shape and all, I loved it and it cost exactly as much as the amount in my wallet (which wasn't much). Luckily we ended up did having a home to go back to after the hurricane passed and thankfully very little water damage to just a few spots. So I loaded up all of my treasures and finds and headed back to Georgia.

When deciding on how to decorate my mantle for fall, again as stated in my previous post, I wanted to stick with neutrals, simple and with a touch of rustic. The tobacco basket sure was rustic. I was able to buy the greenery all at Hobby Lobby. I used two different garlands and attached them to the tobacco basket using floral greenery wire. Added in little bits of falling greenery and eucalyptus stems. The flowers are also from Hobby Lobby in the dried flower section, but they are actually made out of bamboo! Antler pick is also a Hobby Lobby find and brings in that rustic I was wanting.

Again, more of my "evacuation treasures" included some old books that I found along the way that I love using almost everywhere in my home. I chose subtle green and neutrals for the book colors to coordinate along with the theme throughout the rest of my house.

Lastly, I added a felt ball garland from Hobby Lobby on the mantle to add just another texture interest and decided to place the tobacco basket at an angle to create a larger focal point. I really wanted to take advantage of the height of the wall and fill the space. I hope that you found this post inspiring and maybe were able to gather a few ideas for your own home!

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