Decorate Your Home For Halloween For Less Than $50

Happy Monday! 

Hope y'all enjoyed your weekend
We have been busy around here getting everything decorated for the season and have finally finished...

Being that this is only our 2nd Halloween since getting Married and having a home together, we honestly had no Halloween decor to start with... just a few plastic pumpkins from last year & cheap ugly garland from Michaels. I am the kind of person who loves decorating my home each and every season and changing things up. But being a Military family, our paychecks don't leave much extra room to go out and spontaniously spend on seasonal decor. My goal this year was to decorate our whole home (well.. the rooms that are actually lived in) for under $50. Since I found many of the items that you see in the pictures, around my home, it made it much easier to stay within budget. Although, even if you had to go out and buy supplies you would still be able to stay under $75 (at the very most)

Welcome to our front door!
come in & feel at "home"

One of the easiest ways to change your decor is with pillows, but at $9-$25+ each that can get costly!
Here are two of my tutorials on how to make your own pillow covers using minimal fabric & only requires 3 straight lines of sewing!

I found this vintage window for FREE off of Craigslist a few months ago & recently just got around to hanging it. For Halloween, I decided to line the back of the window with leftover burlap from my burlap chair makeover. (HINT: Burlap is on sale 50% off all month of October at JoAnns)

But the window with burlap alone was still pretty plain, so I decided to look around my house for something to use to spruce it up a bit. I came across and old book, which I used to make the wreath & banners, plus some leafy book page garland (below)

I am absolutely in LOVE with how my chair turned out!

For the leafy book page garland, I originally got the inspiration from Nesting Place - The Blog, and wanted to make my own version. I started by folding book pages in half, then cutting random leaf shapes out of them. I used a hole punch, then strung them using twine (tying a knot after each leaf)

The mercury glass pumpkin was from TJMaxx - $12.99

Since the book was FREE, I decided to use it for banners as well.

& then decorated using some handmade bows out of ribbon

For the book pages, I just drew on the letters & strung them on twine.

It didn't feel finished, so I sprinkled the pages with the spray on glitter that I found at Paper-Source

These adorable little tin containers I found at the dollar store & painted on numbers using craft paint to make it more decorative. 

After looking at my bookshelves, I knew I needed something more to fill them up with, but the books that I had didn't match my decor, so I covered them using brown craft paper & lace ribbon.

& being that my daughter is now obsessed with books (and anything else she can get her hands on) I made this crate to hold just a few of her MANY books

These pumpkins were leftover from last year, all I did was give them a coat of spray paint & they were good as new! Krylon - Metallic Silver & Satin White)

Here is another plastic pumpkin leftover from last year. I used some chalkboard spray paint & now we have a Halloween countdown!

For the wall in our entryway, we recently gave it a coat of paint! I figured that painting a small wall wouldn't hurt, since we have now lived in base housing for almost 2 years and have no signs of moving anytime soon. Plus our house was in desperate need of come color!

To make it a little more festive, I turned it into a Halloween themed gallery wall

Scrap of burlap + numbers I printed on card stock

For this I used leftover linen & cut the silouette out of gray felt

Framed skeleton key fabric - 1/4 yd = $2.25

Thermostats are always ugly and I have never figured out how to hide ours, so why not frame it?! With this styrofoam wreath and linen fabric make a cute Mummy Wreath

This print has to be one of my favorites! I remember singing it in preschool and actually have a video that my Dad took of me singing it when I was about 4 years old :)
I thought it would be cute to type it out and frame it and sing it to my own daughter

Remember these that I showed you on Friday from my Favorite Finds Friday post??!

To learn how to make this vintage book page wreath, click [HERE]

To add a unique & spooky touch to the decor, I used our old family dugeriotypes and old paper clippings + medical perscriptions. 

& our kitchen decor...

For more pictures of our kitchen decor & a tutorial on how to make these banners, click [HERE]

So what do you all think??? 
TOTAL everything came out to be $46.57! Can you believe it?!

All in all this weekend was pretty busy getting everything done around the house & finishing up projects, but after everything was done...
 we took a little trip to the pumpkin patch!

Do you and your family have any seasonal traditions?
For us, this year started a new family tradition
we took Madisyn Grace to
The Pumpkin Patch
to pick out her very 1st pumpkin

In years past, I always thought about the future & what life would be like with a family of my own. As a child, my Mother always knew how to make each season extra special. I knew that someday, I wanted to honor those traditions that she set in place and carry them onto my own children. I have always looked forward to the Holidays, but this year is so much different. Now that my Mother is gone, I feel it is more important than ever to hand down those family traditions & enjoy every single memory that comes with them

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Love, love, love! So nice to see baby M. Keep up the hard work - it looks AWESOME!

  2. Love it! I'm making a banner for my house too! Everything looks great girl!


  3. Omigosh. You are genius. Your house looks beautiful! And that chalkboard pumpkin? What tha what?!! I want.

  4. it looks fabulous...i may be stealing some ideas! i have tons of burlap ... cayute!
    can y'all move here now so you can help me diy (by that i mean me watching you do it) lol


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