DIY Vintage Book Page Wreath

As I stated in yesterday's post, I have been very busy on our Halloween Decor, so here I am again to share with you all a few more DIY projects!

Have you ever found yourself searching through Pinterest and coming across beautiful vintage book page wreaths? Have you ever thought "Oh, how beautiful!" ..."but how time consuming is it REALLY?" Well, I have found myself thinking the same things. I have always wanted to make one, & it looked simple enough, so I thought I would give it a try! 

I took my inspiration from PRIMP and FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS 
who have great tutorials on how to do this

First, start off with an old book. My favorite place to find these is at goodwill, a local antique store, or at any book re-sale shop. Luckily I just had this one sitting around the house

Strip off the cover and the binding of the book so that you can peel the pages right off

Start by rolling the bottom edge inward. 

Keep rolling, making sure that the bottom of the cone rolls towards the bottom left corner of the page

After you have the cone rolled up, roll the top left corner over to the right.

Glue the top of the page in place.

Give the bottom of the page a slight twist to tighten the cone a little more

For the back of the wreath, I simply cut out a circle from a paper plate

Keep rolling and making more cones until you get something that looks kind of like this

Once you have the number of cones that you need, you are ready to start gluing

Until you get something that looks like this:

 back (top photo), front (bottom photo)

For the center, take one book page & fold it accordion style, fold it in half and glue the two sides together. This will create the top of the medallion. Do the same with another page & glue to create the bottom & then you will have a circle!

& here it is, in all it's glory!

Something that I didn't add, is that after I originally finished the first layer of cones, it didn't look finished to me so I went back and added a second row to give it a fuller look

In total this project took a lot longer than I thought, almost 2 hours to complete, but it was worth it! I am now obsessed and plan on making even more for other areas in my home.

& after I was done... I glance over and notice...

that my little one had worn herself out watching Mommy work & was passed out

Oh, how she melts my heart! 

& Come back soon for another DIY project:
Easy Sew Pocket Pillow Cover

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  1. Your wreath came out great! It's definitely on my list of projects to try. I just discoverd your blog (congrats on your feature) @ Liz Marie and I'm now following you. Have a great weekend!


  2. When I made my first one, I used a HUGE cookbook that was in bad shape. I didn't realize at the time that most people used NORMAL (smaller) sized books for the pages. When I was wreath was HUGE and weighed a TON...but I LOVE IT! You did a great tutorial...and I love yours! Love the verse on your pillow too! God Bless!

  3. What an Awesome project, Its beautiful. Im going to try it ;)

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