DIY Moss & Rope Letters

Don't bother searching through catalogs and online for the perfect home decor letters, do it yourself and save $$$. For under $15 you can create all 3 of these

Super simple and took me only about 45 min
The "D+J" are actually ones that I did previously for our Wedding, and decided to add a "C" and hang all 3 in our living room.

I bought all 3 plain letters and supplies from Michael's then covered them. A great way to personalize any room in your home! Cover with moss (pre-bagged at Michael's) & rope (also from Michael's) using hot glue. And there you go, in less than an hour you have created personalized wall art

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  1. Muy bonito. Nice! There´s nothing similar to Michael´s here in Spain. It´s a shame.

  2. Il set è 100% cotone e comodo da indossare
    Ogni set è confezionato singolarmente.

    Il set contiene:
    1 maglietta a maniche corte,
    1 slip,
    1 paio di calzini
    1 asciugamano

    Taglia: XXL
    Prezzo: Euro 2.00 / Set
    Confezione: 40 set / scatola Set di biancheria intima in cotone con asciugamano

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