DIY Tiered Planter

Being the Pinterest addict that I am, I was inspired by Amy's tiered terracotta planter over at Positively Splendid, Brandy's terracotta planter at Brandy's Crafts & this photo (below) original location of this photo unknown...

I started off by painting plain terracotta pots from Lowes using Martha Stewart chalkboard paint. You could use any regular craft paint, I just prefer the look of chalkboard paint. After the paint was dry, I sanded down each pot and roughed up the edges to give them a distressed look.

After you get the distressed look that you are going for, over the pots in an even coat of outdoor all weather sealant. I chose a satin/ matte finish. Let dry for 24 hours. Then you are ready for flowers!

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  1. Love - looks great!! i'm thinking i need those - i'm in SC it's pretty awesome!

  2. I just found your blog and I'm loving your photography, sense of style and blog content.

  3. Hey Jennifer...what a sweet little your ideas...and your daughter's nursery is soooo pretty...xo

  4. I love this -- adding to my to-do list!

  5. LOVE this DIY. I just shared it on my FB page Nicolina Picolina ;)

  6. How do you stop the paint from bubbling up. I sealed the outside but as soon as the soil got wet and soaked into the terracotta the paint bubbled and flaked. Lush idea in theory but I obviously missed something.

  7. Hi, What font did you use for the numbers? thanks!

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