Favorite Finds Friday

My favorite find of the week, which has now found a home in our master bedroom:

Painted in Annie Sloane chalk paint & distressed, this dresser is a beauty!
(keep posted to see it's reveal in our master!)

Another project that has been keeping me busy in the garage is this
old headboard that I found awhile back for only $20!

It is now sanded and has a fresh coat of paint...

It just needs a few more coats and some distressing,
then it will also be making it's debut in our master bedroom reveal as well.

For all of you that don't already know, Mr. C & I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary on the 29th. We will be enjoying a nice long weekend 'away' at a hotel in San Diego, but before we leave, I wanted to surprise my Husband with a very special gift that I have been working hard on...

The back story is: "I cross my heart" by George Strait was always a very special song to my Husband and myself while we were dating & ended up being our wedding song. If you have never heard the lyrics, they are so touching and true to the heart. Being that my Husband used to sing this song to me while we were just driving around in his truck, it holds so many fond memories.
I wanted to give him something that incorporated his favorite verse
"You will always be the miracle that makes my life complete"
What I came up with was this...

A beautiful and very LARGE hand painted sign which we can hang in our home and look at for years to come. He was so happy when I showed him it for the first time! (and I was relieved!)
You never know how men will react to 'another' craft project for the house!
But to my surprise, he was really taken back and tells me all the time how much he loves that when you walk through the front door it's the first thing that you see in our living room :)

Wishing everyone a very happy Friday!
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Master Bedroom Inspiration Boards

If you haven't already noticed all of my crazy pinning over on Pinterest
you might guess that our Master Bedroom is the next major project on our to-do list.
Our bedroom, like many others, has always been put on the back burner. Frankly, it is where we spend the least amount of time (other than the 6-8 hours of studying the back of our eyelids every night) and it is easy to just shut the door and completely forget about the room during the day. 
But really all along our master bedroom should have been #1 on our list.

Since having a baby, I have noticed my Husband and I just going through the motions of life from day to day. Wake up, feed baby, change baby, play, work, feed baby, change baby, play, clean.... you get the point. By the end of the day, with myself being a stay at home mom and my husband working 14 hour days (most of the time) we are exhausted. We do what we need to around the house and then retreat off to our bedroom to crash out. The problem: our bedroom is the furthest thing away from a 'retreat'. As parents, I have found it now more important than ever to have a time out of each day to re-connect with your spouse, to take time away from being "Mommy & Daddy" for a moment and to be Husband & Wife. To talk about your day with no distractions. No television. No technology. Just each other. Your master bedroom is the perfect place for this. At the end of the day, when all of the kids are asleep, when all of the dishes are done. For this reason I think that every couple should put their master bedroom design on the top of their home renovation list. Create your sanctuary.

I have always dreamed of having a bed with luxurious linens, soft down pillows to just sink into & a warm duvet to snuggle up in. I wanted to walk into my bedroom one day and have it feel like a hotel where I could relax, enjoy a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate and release all of my stress at the end of the day. Well, living in base military housing... not exactly my idea of luxurious.

So here is my plan:
- 1 major master bedroom re-do
-  make it a relaxing retreat
- create a style that fits both spouses
- make it personal
- do it all for under $150

Now that my Husband and I have decided to tackle our next major project, creating a style for the room was the next step. Gathering tons of inspiration, I realized that I have two very distinctly different styles that I absolutely love. As for my Husband, well he basically told me "I don't care if I have to live in a pink room, as long ass it's comfortable." So there you have it, this bedroom re-do is completely up to ME. For those that don't know me, I am the most indecisive person you probably have ever come across. Each purchase that I make is carefully planned, calculated and thought out. So this project might just end up taking me months to finish... well, lets hope not! ;) After hours of searching, gathering inspiration and shopping online I have two very different style boards to go off of, problem is, committing to one.

After seeing Liz Marie's master bedroom makeover, it was breathtaking! So comfortable, warm and inviting, plus it had a very woodsy retro feel to it which fits perfectly with my Husband's style
(pretty much anything with deer or animals he loves)

The second choice is much more feminine. 
Blue and gold tones wish crisp clean lines & a hint of shabby chic

Right now I am leaning towards style #2, but still love the cozy feel of style #1
so maybe the final solution is to combine the two and create something a little like this:

or maybe even this:

or this:

So, keep following along to see our progress!

Favorite Finds Friday

It has been much too long since my last 'Favorite Finds Friday' post, 
so it is time to get back into the groove of "normal-ness" now that the holidays are over!

I have to admit, I haven't had much time to do some bargain hunting lately,
but I was in Target this week...
and if you haven't made a Target trip lately I highly suggest you do!
You will be amazed at all of their new spring home decor items!!!

I am in love with their new NATE BERKUS line.

I was obsessed with his show & 
am so excited that Target has now incorporated his tailored 
& eclectic style into their home decor department

& have you seen the new items from their Threshold line? ...To die for!

I simply love them!

& lastly... Target also has an amazing new line called 
TOO by Blu Dot
How much fun is this accent pillow?!

Well, as much as I would have loved to buy almost the whole store
I had to walk away with just ONE new find.
So, I came across these gorgeous decorative skeleton keys!

Literally, just laying in the aisle & one of each of them. 
At just $25 they were a great buy,
but I honestly couldn't choose which one I loved more & 
after some contemplating... 
The wooden key came home with me 
and found a perfect place in our entry way

Winter ONE-derland Storybook Birthday

Once upon a time...
on a cold winter's day, 
a beautiful princess was born named 
Madisyn Grace
The entire kingdom was overcome with joy!
A year later, the King and Queen summoned
the ladies and gents of the land
for a Winter ONEderland Ball
in honor of princess Madisyn's 1st Birthday

It amazes me how quickly time has passed, how can my baby already be ONE?!
I will forever cherish those tiny memories of her...
Becoming a Mother has been an amazing journey and the greatest achievement of my life.

Our daughter's birthday celebration was more that I could have ever asked for, being surrounded by 40 of our closest friends and family. Thank you to everyone who made her day so special! Here are a few pictures from the party, enjoy!

The Invitation: Designed by Myself


Chocolate Pretzels: Sinfully Sweet Treats by Ashley

She loves her new play kitchen from Mommy & Daddy!

& her new comfy chair too!

As soon as everyone started to sing her "Happy Birthday"...

She started to cry :(

But once she had cake, everything was all better!!! YUM!

Happy 1st Birthday Princess, Mommy & Daddy love you so much!
May you grow to be strong, independent, kind, caring and give to others. 
We wish for you a lifetime of many happy memories

Play Kitchen: KidKraft - Retro Kitchen in Blue
Child's Chair: POTTERY BARN KIDS - My 1st Anywhere Chair
Baby Shoes: Buy Buy Baby
Headband: Made by Myself
Birthday Onesie: Butuza Baby Designs
Water Bottle Labels, Winter Wonderland Banner, Thank You Tags: Allison Kizer Designs
Tissue Poms: Prost to the Host
Invitations: Made by Myself -You can purchase the printable via my ETSY shop >> SIMPLY SHABBY
Book Page Garland,
Paper Garland,
Food Labels,
Straw Flags,
Photo Banner: Made by Myself

& many of you have asked to see better pictures of my "12 months of Madisyn" banner
...so here y'all go! :)

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