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There are many blogs out there about organizing & creative solutions, so I will not be going into an in depth explanation on how to organize your whole home, but simply will be sharing my own organizing tips that I have used around our home, in hopes that it will inspire you to try something new!

Being that we now have an almost 7 month old, our house is full of toys, books and anything to keep her entertained while she sits beside mommy so I can get some work done. Along with all of the toys, comes finding ways to somehow organize it all "stylishly". I wasn't looking to spend much money when it came to our new organizing dilemma, so I did what I do best . . . I shopped my own home first! We bought an old TV armoire for only $30 off of craigslist shortly before having our daughter, with plans to paint it, but never got around to it, so it sat in the garage. After having our baby, we moved the armoire into our room where it served a porpoise storing extra diapers, wipes and the extra "junk" that we didn't want to be seen. Pretty much it was useless. So after the toys started piling up, I decided that it would serve better as toy storage!

After shopping around my own home, I went to Target and found these adorable turquoise tin storage bins (in the armoire) ON SALE for only $4.98 each! They are from the Shaun White Home Decor line.
I was also able to score on these nautical storage baskets for the living room at TJMaxx

 & these storage bins at Home Goods

& this solution is quite possibly my favorite, which is in my baby girl's room: the blue vintage trunk (that was another great find off of Craigslist) to store all of her toys and more stuffed animals!

Now that I have shared some toy organizational tips with you, it is time to move onto the kitchen . . .
Running a business out of your home, being a stay at home mom, an FRG volunteer, and Photographer, not being organized can be detrimental. Here are my solutions for an organization station in your kitchen, for all of your appointments, schedules & events that need to be easily accessible.

This part of my home is one of my favorites. I had been wanting a storage basket to organize all of my orders for my etsy shop and had fallen in love with this one from Ballard Designs, but unfortunately not with the price. You can find this item here: STORAGE - BALLARD DESIGNS

So when I came across this white storage basket with the same look
 I grabbed it right up & at only $12 it was a steal!

The bulletin board was another great find. I found the frame (empty) on clearance at Home Goods. It was a picture frame, but the glass was missing. This treasure only cost me $4! I found some cork board at Michael's & hot glued the edges to the frame, inserted the back of the frame back in & now I have a custom cork board!

To organize my daily scheduling, I use the dry erase monthly calendar that I purchased from Target, along with the two dry erase magnetic boards that I have on the fridge. 

One of my favorite items to use are my magnetic days of the week. 

I am sure that many of you noticed the bucket of pens displayed in the photo above. This was a little DIY project that I did. I purchased a plain wood plaque from Michael's, painted it the color that I preferred, distressed it up a bit, then drilled a hole in the center.

I chose the style knob that I liked best from Hobby Lobby

Fastened it to the back & added a picture hanger hook

& now you have a super cute way to display just about anything! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading, I hope that you were able to take away at least a few new organizing ideas to use in your own home : )

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  1. Definitely gonna borrow some of these ideas! You live in SoCal too?! Goodness, nice to know other Marine wives blog too :D

  2. Where did you find the white wall storage baskets?


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