DIY Pottery Barn Lampshade

Awhile back, one of my Etsy customers had contacted me and requested that I do a custom lamp shade order for her out of silk flowers. I ended up closing my Etsy shop a few months ago, & since I have had many people ask me how I made this shade. So here is a quick tutorial on how to get the look for less!

My original inspiration came from PB Kids.

Knowing that my client wanted a "fuller" looking lampshade full of flowers,
I went shopping for silk flowers in her color scheme that she requested 
& this is what I came up with! 

I used a mixture of silk flowers from Michael's:  hydrengias, roses, peoneys 
& a plain lamp shade from Target's RE collection

I used wire cutters to cut the stems from the flowers & just started gluing and placing the flowers at random as I went along until I got the look I wanted. Make sure to use A LOT of hot glue!

This is a simple and easy project that anyone can do, but just a tip: silk flowers can get VERY expensive! The flowers for this project alone were just under $55 and some I even got on sale & used a coupon! $55 is a huge savings compared to the $99 original shade from PotteryBarn, but my suggestion is if you plan to re-create this shade, is to gather the flowers over a period of a few weeks, use coupons and check your local craft store sales or try searching for silk flowers online to try and save even more money :)


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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I shared it on my face book page.

  2. I like yours better!! I have a similar clear lamp...I think it needs a fancy makeover!

  3. cute! The hot glue holds up despite the light bulb heat? Awesome!

  4. Beautiful work the shade looks amazing.

  5. I made one for myself when I was in middle school (10 years ago lol) and I still have it but it needs an update like this! I like yours better than the original too :)

  6. adroable! love this and have pinned it to my Home Decor board.

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  7. LOVE THIS! I am in the process of making one right now...thank you for a beautiful idea for my baby girl's room!

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