Back To School Shopping Made Easy With Amazon

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The school year is fast approaching... Moms, can I get an Amen! and a Hallelujah! While many are rushing off to Walmart and Target for their back to school supplies, lets re-think back to school shopping this year:

Which one of these scenarios would you rather choose?

1.  Load up the kids, head to the store, braving the aisles to try and just get ONLY the things on your back to school list, while one child has a meltdown because they want out of the cart, one keeps asking over and over to go look at the toy aisles, the pre-teen complains that she is "bored", and the baby is screaming because you can't get your boob or the bottle out fast enough.

2. Browse Amazon, while the kids sleep, with a cup of coffee in hand... Click BUY and have everything delivered to your doorstep. (Now, that sounds much better to me!)

Below I have compiled a list of my Amazon back to school favs, for back to school shopping made EASY. 

*This post contains affiliate links, this in no way affects the total price that you pay, it simply is a way for bloggers to make a small commission from the linked brand for the time we put in sourcing items to make shopping easier for our readers.


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