Neutral Fall Tablescape

When envisioning how I wanted to design for fall this year, I wanted to go simple, neutral, and just slightly rustic. Most of the pumpkins I have collected over time, but was able to pick up a few new neutral ones at both Michael's and Target. The greenery used was all found between Hobby Lobby and Michael's, both stores have such a great selection! I admit, I am a picky one when it comes to florals. I cant keep any plant or flower alive to save my life, which is probably why I am a floral snob when it comes to the fake stuff. I love the look of real and natural arrangements, with all of the layers and texture, but nor do I have the gift of keeping them alive or the money to continue to replenish arrangements year after year. The final result was a beautiful and simple centerpiece, finished off with a felt ball garland from Hobby Lobby and dollar spot napkins from Target. I hope this inspires you to create your own fall centerpiece and shows you that beautiful doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate, just simple & affordable.


I will walk you step by step of how to create this look in your own home

1. Using full floral stems, lay them directly on the table or runner as is facing away from each other.
I am using two different textured floral stems that I found at Michaels.

2. Place your center pumpkin. I chose to use the largest in the center to "ground" my centerpiece.

3. Add your accent pumpkins on each side. These were both slightly smaller than the center.

4. Next, fill in with accent pumpkins on the opposite side of your centerpiece. Use a variety of coordinating colors to bring a variety to your centerpiece and to keep it looking "natural".

5. Now, for the finishing touches! Add in either a wood decor bead strand, or, I used a felt ball garland which I found at Hobby Lobby. Draping it over and around the pumpkins. This again,brings in another texture adding layers to your centerpiece.

6. Lastly, add in filler floral greenery. I like to use another floral element to fill in all of the blank spaces or spots where you might be able to see the (not so pretty) parts of the centerpiece. For this, I used faux eucalyptus found at Hobby Lobby and cut off the stems that I needed from the floral bunch.

7. Tweak it. Stand back and see if there is anything that you may want to move slightly or fill in, use your creativity and have fun with it! Then, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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