Life With A Toddler

How can it be?! My baby is not-so much a baby anymore...

After becoming a Mother, and holding that tiny little baby in my arms, it seemed like everywhere I went, anyone who was a parent kept telling me "Cherish it while they are little, they grow so fast!"
Being the first time Mom that I was, I brushed it off. I thought to myself, "Sure... I am just longing for the day where I get a full night's sleep, or a shower lasting longer than 10 min." 
Little did I know how fast that time truly would go.

Being a Mom is the best 'job' by far that I have ever had. Yes, being a stay at home Mom does have it's own set of challenges but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Staying home, I have been able to experience every single one of my daughter's firsts, I have been there to see her grow and watch her change. This past year has flown by, now my (not-so) baby is walking everywhere, climbing stairs and getting her hands on anything and everything she can get into. It is amazing that a year ago she was just a tiny little 6 week old! You can never get time back, so take in every moment with your children. Our (not-so) baby M is now an active, happy and curious 1 year old, growing and changing every day that passes. I couldn't be any happier being her Mommy. She puts a smile on my face every morning with her silly faces and melts my heart every night with her goodnight kisses. I am so blessed.

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