DIY: Painted Mason Jars

These adorable painted mason jars are a unique addition to any home decor. They are great for displaying fresh cut flowers from the garden, organizing pens, paint brushes & storing loose change, or for adding a pop of color to your decor!

Super easy to make, or you can purchase them off of my shop for only $8 each

Use regular craft paint. Either outdoor craft paint for a matte finish, or use Martha Stewart craft paint for a glossy/ eggshell finish. I used foam brushes to paint and applied 3 coats, waiting 30 min in between painting each layer.

After your paint is dried, take sand paper and lightly sand the raised areas as well as areas on the glass jar that would most likely rub off over time to give it a weathered/ vintage look. You can also choose to seal it with a sealant for outdoor use & you are done! 

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  1. did you paint the outside or inside?

  2. I found your blog through Pinterest and LOVE it! I am painting some mason jars over the weekend and it will be up on my own blog with a small feature about yours! You can stop by and see it next week on Tuesday. My blog is Pinterest and the Pauper ( Have a great weekend!

  3. For a sealant, what would you recommend? I have made one and it is gorgeous! But the paint seems very delicate to fall off. I want to put a sealant on to ensure it will last and stay intact.

  4. Looks good!!
    Have you ever tried to put a real candle inside and burn? I did that and it looks really nice

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